BBC series & writing

Alison worked with BBC NI to put together a series of short programmes on four novels exploring the dangerous thrill of illicit love during the Northern Ireland Troubles. Produced with Jason Martin as part of the BBC’s ‘100 Novels that Shaped Our World’ project and based on the research conducted for Alison’s book on ‘Love Across the Divide’ in the North, these went live on the BBC website on 9th May 2020. You can access these here.

Alison has written several things related to this project, including a piece on Joan Lingard’s Kevin & Sadie series for RTÉ; Anna Burns’ Milkman for the Irish Times and Lucy Caldwell’s short fiction for Contemporary Women’s Writing. Her monograph on love, politics and the NI Troubles is forthcoming. If you’d like to read more of Alison’s work, you can find more here